April 29, 2012

She was just SEVENTEEN, you know what I mean

Hellooo everyone! Long time no post, huh? I guess that has to do with the fact that I feel obliged to write something decent on such an important occasion - a birthday is nothing to be trifled with, especially when it means only one more year 'till the end of school and everything I despise about it - and yet here I am, falling asleep from hours of intense rollerblading and anti-allergy pills in extensive amounts. But I have to write about my numerous birthday celebrations, and not only from an altruistic point of view - this is in fact a very selfish post. You see, I feel the need to leave traces of this week on the Internet so as not to forget about everything that happened.

But then, you guys are probably more interested in the sartorial aspect of my celebrations, so clothes are what I'll give you with the briefest of comments about the celebrations themselves. Read on, don't be shy.
Day 1: Rock n' roll, baby!

Or not. In any case, there was a certain trace of the rockabilly decade, the fifties, in the first day of my celebrations, which was actually the day of my birthday, too! I went to school (yes, I do this on my birthday) and it was not in vain, because I got a bunch of pretty gifty gifts! I'd like to point out the presence of an enormous bouquet of lovely fresh flowers (I hate roses, just sayin') as well as a bottle of Demeter perfume that smells just like blueberry jelly beans! Oh, and before you ask - yes, this is Instagram; yes, I am a goddamn motherfucking hipsta.

 The perfume in question - it's so sweet that one spritz is enough, but it smells just like the candy from my childhood!

The flowers I got - they smelled just like spring! It's such a shame they're almost dead, though - they were so beautiful while they lasted.

Funny iPhone self-portraits are just so classic - I don't know why my eyes were so wide. I like that day's school outfit though - a straight black mod dress over a plain white shirt with the cuffs rolled up. I think the flower's a nice pop of colour, too. 

After school was when the real party started, though - I grabbed three friends and we went to Starlite Diner, a fantastic 50's style American diner right in the center of Moscow! I wore the dress that all of you guys might remember - that shocking electric turquoise dress from TUTTI FRUTTI. Unfortunately, I have no detailed pics of my look, but I wasn't really thinking of fashion with so many amazing people around me to partay with!

The milkshakes there were just epic! On a side note, this is the first picture that made me look remotely classic, I think. Oh, and this is Jay. He's original both sartorially and not - it's a shame he doesn't want a Lookbook, he'd be popular.

This is the point where we all make epic faces. Me, Jay and Damien.

Sasha is such a cutie! I love the lacy white dress on her, it suits her perfectly.

I know this looks very much like a quiet gathering of close friends with nothing special involved, but believe me when I say we had a great time. Even the rain in the evening couldn't spoil our mood.

Day 2: Movie night!

Technically, this wasn't an official birthday celebration, but I still feel it can't be overlooked because this was a) my first movie night; b) my first all-nighter; and c) just generally a wonderful day! 

Jay and I visited Clockface, an amazing club like no other I've been to before! Well, I say club, just because it's so different from regular places I visit. The concept is simple: when you arrive, your name and the time of your arrival are noted and you're given a (broken) alarm clock. Or at least it doesn't function properly. In the end, you hand it in and pay 1 ruble for every minute of your stay - which is about 3 cents. What's cute is that the coffee there, as well as snacks and things, are absolutely free of charge as long as you pay for the time spent there! And they brew some seriously good coffee - so good they put Starbucks to shame.

The point of our visit was movie night. Jay wanted me to watch The Game, and since it was one of the films shown there, he insisted on going! The other two were Jumanji and eXistenZ, and if the first two movies were absolutely brilliant, then the last was just a touch too absurd for my taste. I don't know about you guys, but I only like absurdity when there's a logical ending to it, a final solution, otherwise it resembles L.O.S.T. - a bunch of questions left unanswered.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Our alarm clock! Isn't it just beautiful? The back said 'Made in the USSR', so not only was it adorable, but also a timeless relic!

The interior of the place. It was such a mishmash of different people and activities - I loved the freedom of it. Anyone could do whatever the hell they wanted and not feel guilty. 

The Moscow city centre is crystal clear at 6 in the morning.

What really amazes me, though, is that when I got home at about 7 I wasn't even particularly tired! That doesn't mean I didn't collapse immediately and sleep for 7 hours straight, though.

Day 3: First horror movie!

So I have this friend. My best friend, I'll even tell you that. Once upon a time I convinced her to watch 7 Days and Nights with Marilyn. Since then, she's been telling me that I should watch a horror movie with her, to compensate for making her watch a melodramatic romantic movie. 

Well...she succeeded, because yesterday we went to watch The Cabin in the Woods, my first horror movie ever! And you know what? I wasn't even very scared. In the end I was almost laughing at the absurdity of it all. It's like the creators got sick of going with the plot and just let all the monsters out! Oh, sorry, spoiler. Although I highly doubt this qualifies as a movie review.

Here we are!

From left: me, Alina, Masha and Artyom, her bf. For some reason this reminds me of some Abercrombie/AE ad, haha.

And this is the look you guys have probably already seen on Lookbook. The shirt is a gift from Jay - he bought the tank top at Zara and printed our favorite quote on it! The feeling of owning something one of a kind is just precious  - and no one's ever put so much thought into my birthday present!

Oh, and I almost forgot the main part - Masha and Artyom gave me a ticket to see...

...MARILYN MANSON! Eeee! I'm so excited now! I don't remember telling you guys, but I'm a big fan of his and the thought of actually seeing him live is just...too good to be true!

So these were the three days of my birthday. We didn't get drunk or high, we didn't dance to Lady Gaga till sunrise or wake up hungover. But you know what? That's the way I like it.

Before I finish this extremely long post, I'd like to give you guys a chance to ask me about anything you like. So I created a Formspring account! 

Here's the link: http://www.formspring.me/alicelovett

...and that will be all. Thank you for your time ;)



  1. looks like you had a fab birthday! and i loove that t shirt your friend got printed for you, so cool! And lucky you being seventeen, i'm seventeen in a month and couldn't be more exciiitedd!!! <3 big love!!

    1. Aww, thank you, sweetie! ♥
      Seventeen seems like the perfect age to be now!

  2. Hope you enjoy watching Marilyn Manson. Wish my 17th birthday was as exciting as yours. My best birthdays was my 16th spent at my schools youth club and my 19th at wet and wild which is a water park in north shields,tyne and wear,england.

    1. Oh, I'm sure I will - the concert's bound to be a blast!

      That sure sounds like fun! Did you enjoy your 16th or your 19th more?

    2. I enjoyed my 16th. I was surronded by all my school friends. We payed football I scored a hat-trick so the youth worker gave me a football with the words 'hat-trick hero' on it.