May 21, 2012


Hello, guys. This is just a short post to tell you about my new blog. It has very little to do with fashion; it goes beyond anything I've ever written before. I plan on discussing everything there is, both intellectual and mundane. I'll understand perfectly well if you don't want to even look at it - after all, there will be no pictures of sparkly nails or pink dresses. And if you comment just to be noticed, not even reading the post, keep in mind that I won't reply. I'm sorry. I'll keep on posting here occasionally, but my mind requires something much more stimulating right now.

This blog is rather personal. But you can go ahead and read it.


May 15, 2012


Hey, guys! The middle of May has brought with it absolutely new style influences, at least for me, which will seem puzzling to you when you find out about the influences in question. You see, I'm not talking about cutesy pastels and spring-y florals - I'm not even talking about the oh-so-popular neon trend! What I'm currently obsessed with is grunge, or anything in its general ballpark - gothic elements, glam rock, somber kitsch, The Addams Family, etc, etc. That's right. The word of the day is...


I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Marilyn Manson's upcoming concert on May 26th that I'm attending! I feel so excited. This is going to be my very first concert (believe it or not) and I'm already getting in the mood! Whether or not I make a good goth - you be the judge. Here are some extra pictures from today's shoot.

Ignore the generic poses.

Believe it or not, but the skull belt pictured above is actually from some pair of jeans I had when I was ten! I've always had a bit of darkness in me, I guess. You've probably seen all these accessories before (I'm not gonna lie and pretend to have a lot of them 'cause I don't) but I guess it doesn't matter how often you post the same accessories as long as they're pretty, right?

I'm going to write a separate paragraph about the 8 on my left hand. You see, that isn't exactly an 8 but the sign of infinity, which holds a deep meaning for me. I guess I like being reminded that in a way, everything is infinite - any difficulties in my life have arosen before me and been resolved - that in essence life is a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. I draw that sign on my hand almost every day in regular pen, but I really want to get a tattoo of it one day. However, I think that would be more appropriate on the side of my ring finger when/if I get married as a more permanent sign than a regular wedding band. Besides, tattoos are a cooler way of manifesting admiration for somebody.

I fell in absolute love with this shirt, though, particularly the sleeve. It's made of a transparent black mesh that blows back and forth in the breeze. I pinned the two parts of it together with safety pins to give it a rougher edge. I guess I've always been a sucker for asymmetrical things - different earrings, hair on one side, etc. I also decided to jazz up my boring black fishnets with a boring H&M bow hairclip - and, like two minuses make a plus, these two utterly unoriginal items made something beautiful together. And that, my friends, is how order turns to chaos. But chaos is what I love.

Another odd little detail is my 'headband' - it's made out of one of those chains all the cool kids used to wear on their jeans in the 2000s. This look also spurred me to go absolutely wild with my eye makeup - I drew long black lines and slathered my lids in silvery eyeshadow. When that didn't seem like enough, I added in a tiny cross near the outer corner of my eye, which was a nice little gothic touch. Needless to say, my neighbors were absolutely smitten.

Exams are coming up, but somehow I can only think of black, torn tights and 80s teen stars. I recently watched all three parts of 'Back to the Future' and I'm dying to make a 2015 look (poor eighties Spielberg had no clue we wouldn't have hoverboards, eh?) but I don't think I possess many goofy futuristic pieces of clothing, a problem that needs remedying.

Alice in Chains (hehe, lame musical joke)

May 12, 2012


Good evening, everyone! Well, at least I can see sheets of midnight blue covering the city panorama outside my window as I'm typing this post. I'm feeling very romantic for no apparent reason - like someone painted the world around me in dewy watercolors and turned everyday sounds into a harmonious melody. I suppose that's why my finger stopped at Florence when I was shuffling aimlessly through the songs on my phone. I know her music isn't considered romantic per se, but it's so crystal clear, yet somehow dizzying, that it feels just like one of those innocent teen crushes. At any rate, this was the music in my headphones when I posted this look.

These shoes are my absolute favourite now - their chunky heel is about 4-5 inches high and yet they're incredibly comfortable! Wearing them is like walking on clouds, probably because the strap offers total support. Their unusual design is balanced out by their rather neutral colour (sandy beige) which makes them extremely wearable. Although sweltering summer temperatures usually negate my fashion sense (i.e. flip flops and sloppy cut offs become staples - grunge, yet with little to no thought put into my looks) summer '12 is bound to be a little more interesting with these rad wedges! I plan on wearing them until they're absolutely worn out, tattered and torn - expect myriads of future looks with their involvement.

This may or may not surprise you (I can't say for sure because I don't get much feedback from you guys therefore I have no idea how you perceive me) but I used to be rather self-conscious when it came to wearing slightly more transparent articles of clothing. But this see-through tank top was too beautiful not to buy! I fell in love with the fringe (that I just might style with a more cowboy edge later on - we'll see) and it's light as a feather, which means I'll have plenty of chances to rock it this summer with, oh, anything at all! The possibilities are endless even though this is nothing like your average staple.

These earrings were on sale at Topshop, which is why I bought them. It wasn't love at first sight, I'll tell you that - I'm not really into the cutesy hippie bohemian vibe most of the time. But I guess they've really grown on me since then. They're chunky and bold, which makes them more than just a New Agey accessory for someone named Moonshine. As for the necklace - my best friend in the whole wide world made it. It's just sea glass, but to me, it's more valuable than any precious jewel.

I've decided to stop cutting my blog entries with 'read more's. I think it's better if you can see all the pictures at once - then you can decide whether or not you want to even bother reading the entry. I hope I haven't bored you with the excessive descriptions of random clothing items. I have to warn you that I'll be doing this pretty often from now on - I'm feeling literary.


May 9, 2012


I bet you guys think I'm cute and nice, huh? Well now's the time for disappointment, then! I'm actually a haughty Pureblood Slytherin with zero tolerance for foolish Mudbloods. Oh, and Draco Malfoy is my boyfriend.

The Mirror of Erised - guess what it showed me?

Care for more? Read on, little Hufflepuff.


Hello again! Why don't we just stop for a second to pop open a bottle of champagne, for this, my friends, is my third feature! I know three isn't as majestic a number as, say, ten or twenty five, but the number means a lot to me. Well, not really three, but thirteen, and I'm not calling it my favourite number to be less ordinary OR to make any inclinations towards the goth culture. It's just that this number has always been in my life, as the floor I was born on, the floor I lived on until I was eleven, half of the day I was born on... Its significance is something I've never questioned, and yet the days when our neighborhood's resident black cat crosses the road in front of me have so far been my most successful days yet!

Success is something everyone even remotely connected to the fashion world craves. Which is why it's such a shame that lovely bloggers who deserve it as much as anyone else don't get the credit they're entitled to. One such blogger is Amber Love: not only is this gal's style out of this world, but she's also really nice and generally a great person! Read on to find out more about Amber. ;)


I used to be love drunk
But now I'm hungover
I loved you forever...
But now I'm sober.

Yes, yes, I know what you're going to say now. Boys Like Girls is one of the cheesiest bands alive; as for this song - the metaphors alone are disgustingly oozing with cheese. But I suppose I've reached a stage when soppy songs are so bad that I love them! Everyone passes through that stage, even hardcore Marilyn Manson fans like myself.

But we aren't going to discuss the look title forever, now are we? I had a lot of fun shooting this look, the first out of four looks shot at my cottage. I'm pretty sure this is my favourite - the rest may be quirky and cute, but this one really puts the ROMANTIC in Eclectic Romantic! And although there may come a day when I come to hate my blog's name, right now, nothing seems more perfect.

Let's get to it though, shall we? You have yet to see quite a few photos of this look and we haven't got all day.

May 4, 2012


Hey, guys! Yesterday was eye-opening for me. You know why? It's because I went to the premiere of Avengers! I'm not gonna review it (I'm pretty sure I explained why before) nor do I plan on posting any nasty spoilers here. All I can say is I've never watched a single superhero movie before yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. So much, in fact, that I'm seriously considering watching every single superhero movie there is.

My favourite photo from the shoot! ;)

I guess it's time to cut the foreplay and get to it, right? Right. Enjoy!

May 1, 2012


Hello, my dear readers! You will (probably) be amazed to find out that my previous post wasn't the last for today. In fact, this surprises even me! And yet this post isn't about me... The star today is the lovely Jackie C.! Even before I wrote this feature, actually, I was a fan of Jackie's both because of a) her inspiring style; b) her talent in anything DIY, whereas I'm usually incapable of even the simplest alterations; and c) the fact that Jackie has achieved all that at my age!

Oh look at me, rambling on and on again. I'll just stop. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Jackie C. of Sewing in Stilettos! Applause, please.


Good morning to you, ladies and gents! And in case I don't see ya - good afternoon, good evening and good night! Guess who's recently rewatched 'The Truman Show'? ;)

But this post isn't going to be a movie review, both because I tend to get carried away with my judgments and because I found the cutest little top in Bershka the other day! It wasn't my only find, Bershka being one of my favourite stores to buy anything remotely fifties-inspired, but I'll show you the rest later. For now - enjoy my pin up photosession! I actually spent a while choosing the right look for Lookbook, seeing as there were just so many nice pictures and it broke my heart to choose JUST one! In the end, however, I went with what I like to call The Brick photos, haha. Read on to see that and the rest ;)