May 1, 2012


Good morning to you, ladies and gents! And in case I don't see ya - good afternoon, good evening and good night! Guess who's recently rewatched 'The Truman Show'? ;)

But this post isn't going to be a movie review, both because I tend to get carried away with my judgments and because I found the cutest little top in Bershka the other day! It wasn't my only find, Bershka being one of my favourite stores to buy anything remotely fifties-inspired, but I'll show you the rest later. For now - enjoy my pin up photosession! I actually spent a while choosing the right look for Lookbook, seeing as there were just so many nice pictures and it broke my heart to choose JUST one! In the end, however, I went with what I like to call The Brick photos, haha. Read on to see that and the rest ;)





Let me know which one is the verrry best!

As always,


  1. love this pin up look!
    i have the same pinup top but in bright blue with the cherry print : )

    1. Wow - there's a bright blue one?! That's awesome!
      It's an amazing top<3

  2. Love your outfit. You really look cool!

  3. i like the first and second set best! you have very enviable legs m'dear, and lovely look :) <3