August 5, 2012

This Side of Paradise

I suppose everyone has a certain special book that has acquired the status of their favorite through the years. For me that book is This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who is my favorite author to boot, which makes this literary masterpiece twice as important to me.

Now, I know very well about the whole Gatsby boom these days, which naturally has little to do with its value and much, much more to do with the impending movie release with DiCaprio, everyone's old favorite after Titanic. I have no desire to evaluate his talent as an actor (never having seen his work - I haven't watched Titanic to date out of pointless teenage principle) but I hate, hate, HATE the increasing hype. I can just visualise the weeks after the movie release: thousands of hip teenagers facebooking, tweeting, tumbling about their undying love for The Great Gatsby and Fitzgerald, even though they had doubtfully read the book, not to mention anything else by Fitzgerald.

I know I sound like a snob. It's partially intentional because I see no other way to get my thoughts across. I guess I'm just afraid of the typical sequence of events (that at only 17 years of age I've seen numerous times) that had followed anything remotely successful in a sickening vertigo. Let me tell you about this process, and halfway through my explanations you'll be nodding in agreement and finishing my sentences.

(1) The trailer is out, collecting 2374893275 Youtube views. It's passed around via social networks, repeatedly tweeted, discussed and critiqued by both amateurs and professionals. After a few days of this the public is sufficiently warmed up to this new cinematic addition.

(2) The public has from a few months to a year to warm up some more. The movie is taken to Tumblr level, the screenshots discussed, the actors dissected, and, naturally, the smart posers have already started their game by then. Manifestations of love for an author whose work they've never read are quite common at this stage.


(4) A few months later, the hype is so fanatic that a small group of fed-up individuals is formed to criticize the movie that everyone loved so much as well as the obsessed fans. The opposition slowly grows, hurling sarcastic and bitter critique along the way.

(5) A year later, the movie is such a drag. What did everyone see in it, anyway? It's cliche to like it now, which is why no fans are left except for the teenyboppers and those too slow to realize it's no longer COOL to like it. So dies the hype.

Maybe now you understand by distrust for a blockbuster based on my favorite author's most popular novel. I don't want something private that I love, a voice that speaks to me no matter what situation I'm in, to get engulfed first in a sea of enthusiastic yet ignorant well-wishers, then in a similar crowd of ignorant antagonists. I can't bear the idea of it.

Perhaps you think I'm just selfish and don't want to be mistaken for someone who only recently acquired an interest for his work. Well, that too.

Anyway, I should probably stop being macabre and wait for the movie. In the meantime, here's a set I made based on This Side of Paradise intended to reflect my vision of Rosalind. She's definitely not my favorite character (I choose Eleanor), but I like her sharp tongue and the way she deviates from the typical debutante. Plus she's daring. In reality, though, my reason for choosing her was her integral role in the book; she's basically the principal female heroine if one has to be chosen.

The set isn't ideally tailored to the 20's, so don't blame me for historical inaccuracy - it's a more modern look with vintage elements influenced by Rosalind's more playful childish side meshed with her love for a luxurious life. The main piece is sort of the way I pictured her famous pink dress, the one she first meets Amory in.

I suppose that's all for now. I really recommend the novel to anyone who hasn't read it yet - it's brilliant.

'I know myself - but that is all',

August 1, 2012

Channeling 'Cry-baby': Wanda Woodward!

"Oh Wanda, you sure is pretty in them tight clothes, all painted up 
like trash! "

Now, I don't know if I've told you this before, but I'm absolutely obsessed with the 1990 movie 'Cry-baby'. But then, I don't think anyone can remain indifferent towards it after watching - the characters are so lively, the music so rockin', and all of the decor and situations so deliciously tacky that, face it - you either love it or hate it.

Now, I tend to analyze everything from a sartorial point, which is why I've decided to attempt to recreate the style of my favourite (or possibly all) the characters from this delightful John Waters classic. (If I'm beginning to sound like a stuck-up movie critic person, that's because in reality, I'm not half as nice as I seem on the Internet. I'm a pretentious asshole. Deal with it.)

My absolute favourite character would certainly be Wanda Woodward. She's basically the epitome of cool: with that constant 'too good for you' bitchface, her slow sultry way of moving around, and her few but remarkable phrases, she's hard to miss. "You wanna learn about America, Inga? In America, we like boys! We like hot boys! Boys with roaming hands and rushing fingers! "

Like some very gifted person once said before (sorry I don't remember who anymore) Wanda's style is basically bad-girl pinup. There are three very significant elements to her style, however, that should be accented: hair, specific clothes and POUT. ALL BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE ALL-MIGHTY WANDA POUT.

Everything depends on how far you're prepared to go, ranging from all-out cosplay/ideal portrayal to a casual interpretation of her style.

First off, if you really want to get that signature Wanda look, you'd better get your hair all voluminous and wild. I'm pretty sure hers is moderately curled in a classic pin-up style, partially ratted, perhaps with a few strands of fake hair. However, this is extreeemely time-consuming (true story from a gal who once spent an hour untangling her hair after ratting it wildly) and damaging to your hair; furthermore, you can't exactly do this every morning if you don't want to spend over an hour on your hair alone. Therefore, I'd suggest just a few spritzes of texturizing spray and - this is reeeally important - two barrettes pinning up the sides of your hair like Wanda's over here:

They will automatically give the rest of your hair a more voluminous look! Isn't that neat?

Next up are the clothes. The main thing to keep in mind is the color scheme (red, white, black) and the silhouette (extremely tight-fitting). I can think of two options for you, aspiring Wanda, on the spot. The first is a classic pin-up ensemble, the second is a lot more modern and tailored to our century, but believe me, it has the same smashing effect!

And the last element of Wanda is, as you know very well by now, THE POUT. Here, unfortunately, you're on your own: the pout cannot be taught, it can only be flaunted. I'm sad to say that although a certain degree of practice can help, it's generally hereditary, which is why so few of us rock the awesome POUT.

Anyway, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more cryin' babies! 


vintage hollywood horror time

I recently got re-obsessed with Polyvore. I added the 're' because I was pretty crazy about it two-three years ago. But, as things usually happen (at least in my world) I lost all my usernames and passwords and stuff so I had to create a new account from scratch. Thankfully, life in this bountiful Internet era is very pleasant and simple, so I was back on track in mere seconds.

I used to be terrified of anything that even hinted at being of the horror variety, but I recently started watching thrillers and mild horror movies, which has made me slightly more immune to their ah-factor. So now, I thrive on adrenaline.

This summer I decided to focus on something creepier than the typical floral/boho/tropical getaway themes you can generally encounter in magazines. I know scares are generally reserved for colder months, but face it, what can be creepier than being pulled underwater by a cthulhu-like beast? And can there be a stranger variety of horror movies than the one where a group of kids plans a road trip to their uncle's old cabin in the woods only to be gobbled up by fierce zombies? You gotta admit there's beauty in easygoing holidays gone wrong. Or maybe I'm some rare sort of psycho. I dunno.

Polyvore is a lot speedier, more modern and easier to use these days, which appeals to my non-tech-savvy side, and it's always been convenient because you don't have to go to the trouble of finding every single image's original source. And yet! Polyvore people, why do you have to make me feel like such a loser the second I make my first set? 

You know what happened? I got a like. Right after creating my first set. Seriously. Seconds after. Excited, I clicked through to see who appreciated it so much. And you know what I saw?

...actually, that sounds way too unnatural to be something for a real teen to say. Ah well, mission failed. *goes back to knitting*

Have a good life, yall!

PS: Oh, fun fact! I pasted a block of my writing over here and was told that, apparently, I write like H.P. Lovecraft, author of 'Call of Cthulhu'! I guess that's also what inspired me to write about these themes. I should probably read the book, too; it's pretty classic.

PPS: I tried I Write Like on a few chunks of my novel-in-progress and got the same result twice in a row! TALK ABOUT A COINCIDENCE, right?!?!

PPPS: I eventually got so inspired by this polyset (a neologism by moi; so cool, huh?) that I proceeded to paint my eyes bright blue. Below are pics from a half-look that's sort of a super tacky 80's version of 50's pulp sci-fi horror movies, if that makes sense? My top is super awesome polyester with a velvety feel from M & S (who knew they had anything remotely trashy, right?). My hair SHOULD be permed but the summer heat's made me too lazy for details.

high school hellcats on the ruuun

Hello, Internet people. I guess this post is basically a testimony to my unending naive hope for a bright future. Or maybe just boredom. I don't know. In any case, there's little use in rambling on and on about my limited readership, so I guess I should just get to the point, right?

Lately I've been feeling extremely fed up with all the clothes I've worn for the past year, even my whole image. All of my LB looks are pretentious quality photos of a hubris-stricken teenager striking generic poses. I guess they're kind of pretty, but I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING CONVENTIONALLY PRETTY. A few days ago my angst reached new heights: my frantic hands reached for the scissors, begging to chop of my hard-earned mane of hair off at the root. I drew things all over myself in an attempt to look less human. I don't know what prompted this, but somehow being merely a regular girl like everyone else I know is no longer enough. And posting typical Lookbook-worthy photos is sickening.

I want to focus on reflecting the vibes I feel around me, pull inspiration from the world I live in and my own fantasies and the books I read and the bad soap operas I chance upon on TV. I want to dress like no one else, but mostly LIKE MYSELF. Why is it that it's so hard?

Anyway, back to the present... I shot a few pics the other day wearing my new romper slash pyjamas. There's actually a funny story behind it: I was sure the pretty white star-sprangled thing I found on sale at Topshop was a regular 50's-style romper UNTIL I GOT TO CHECK-OUT. The cashier smiled sweetly at me, saying that underwear and PJ's were unrefundable. And then the reality of it all dawned on me... That same lady nearly kept me from buying the earrings I'm wearing in these pics, too. Bitch.
(I kind of hate this one's Lookbookyness, but it'll have to do)

So here they are. I added loads of graininess and then chickened out. What I particularly love about rompers (I have two) is that they're ridiculously comfortable. Plus they take about three seconds to slip on and you're ready to go! Seize the day! Conquer the world! Whatever you want! Cool, huh?

Oh, fun fact: soccer is my absolute favourite sport. I can probably watch She's the Man for a bajilliion days in a row and never tire of it. I was actually positive I was brilliant at the sport until a few days ago, when my younger bro's playmate pwned me SO HARD. So these days I just stay at home in the safety of my own front yard and throw around a soccer ball with no witnesses. Yes, I know, I'm a sore loser.

This one probably shouldn't be my favourite, but it is, since I've always drawn a creepy sort of satisfaction out of stupid-looking pinup girls. So now I'm one of them, looking like I don't have a thought in my head. How cute.

Anyway, ta-ta

July 27, 2012

hey guys, it's me again

Yeah, I'm back. Did you miss me? Didja? Didja? It's going to take a lot of self-control to contain the whiny adolescent entity within me sobbing uncontrollably. It's like there's me, and there's my darker stereotypical teenager side that's always lurking around nearby, ready to settle in whenever I get a little on edge. Freaky.

Anyway, closer to the point - INFINITY+1 got pushed out of the way since being raw and real is getting harder and harder for me these days, so I decided to get back in touch with my teenage side and return to this blog. After all, here I have a small but devoted (I hope) following of people who just might be curious about what I have to say.

But the format's got to go.

I really like the glitz and glamour of this blog, but it's time for me to show my other sides, too. Like unphotoshopped photos, diary entries, pressed flowers, that kind of stuff. I don't even know if I'll be able to bring this ol' blog up to the standards I've set for it, but I guess it's worth a try? I suck at being honest and straightforward, but I might as well try.

I'm staying at my cottage right now, and every day I spend here is spent at the local lake. Now, this is one creepy lake. It brings back memories from all the thrillers you've seen, and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (for some reason), mermaids, underwater monsters and corpses with rocks tied to their ankles wearing white Virgin Suicides dresses and flowers in their hair. It's a place to perform witchy rituals. I guess all these associations have to do with the water: it's black and absolutely OPAQUE. When you swim through its icy midst, you can't see the bottom. I love it more than anything.

Recently I've noticed that I've become more attached to horrible things, lost my fear of horror movies and even ENJOY (!!!1!!@1) swimming in this lake. What happened? I have no clue. Anyway, here are some pics that portray me as a drowning victim of Black Lake's mighty power. 

So... Let me know what you think of the new me? Maybe drop by to say hello? 

May 21, 2012


Hello, guys. This is just a short post to tell you about my new blog. It has very little to do with fashion; it goes beyond anything I've ever written before. I plan on discussing everything there is, both intellectual and mundane. I'll understand perfectly well if you don't want to even look at it - after all, there will be no pictures of sparkly nails or pink dresses. And if you comment just to be noticed, not even reading the post, keep in mind that I won't reply. I'm sorry. I'll keep on posting here occasionally, but my mind requires something much more stimulating right now.

This blog is rather personal. But you can go ahead and read it.


May 15, 2012


Hey, guys! The middle of May has brought with it absolutely new style influences, at least for me, which will seem puzzling to you when you find out about the influences in question. You see, I'm not talking about cutesy pastels and spring-y florals - I'm not even talking about the oh-so-popular neon trend! What I'm currently obsessed with is grunge, or anything in its general ballpark - gothic elements, glam rock, somber kitsch, The Addams Family, etc, etc. That's right. The word of the day is...


I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Marilyn Manson's upcoming concert on May 26th that I'm attending! I feel so excited. This is going to be my very first concert (believe it or not) and I'm already getting in the mood! Whether or not I make a good goth - you be the judge. Here are some extra pictures from today's shoot.

Ignore the generic poses.

Believe it or not, but the skull belt pictured above is actually from some pair of jeans I had when I was ten! I've always had a bit of darkness in me, I guess. You've probably seen all these accessories before (I'm not gonna lie and pretend to have a lot of them 'cause I don't) but I guess it doesn't matter how often you post the same accessories as long as they're pretty, right?

I'm going to write a separate paragraph about the 8 on my left hand. You see, that isn't exactly an 8 but the sign of infinity, which holds a deep meaning for me. I guess I like being reminded that in a way, everything is infinite - any difficulties in my life have arosen before me and been resolved - that in essence life is a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. I draw that sign on my hand almost every day in regular pen, but I really want to get a tattoo of it one day. However, I think that would be more appropriate on the side of my ring finger when/if I get married as a more permanent sign than a regular wedding band. Besides, tattoos are a cooler way of manifesting admiration for somebody.

I fell in absolute love with this shirt, though, particularly the sleeve. It's made of a transparent black mesh that blows back and forth in the breeze. I pinned the two parts of it together with safety pins to give it a rougher edge. I guess I've always been a sucker for asymmetrical things - different earrings, hair on one side, etc. I also decided to jazz up my boring black fishnets with a boring H&M bow hairclip - and, like two minuses make a plus, these two utterly unoriginal items made something beautiful together. And that, my friends, is how order turns to chaos. But chaos is what I love.

Another odd little detail is my 'headband' - it's made out of one of those chains all the cool kids used to wear on their jeans in the 2000s. This look also spurred me to go absolutely wild with my eye makeup - I drew long black lines and slathered my lids in silvery eyeshadow. When that didn't seem like enough, I added in a tiny cross near the outer corner of my eye, which was a nice little gothic touch. Needless to say, my neighbors were absolutely smitten.

Exams are coming up, but somehow I can only think of black, torn tights and 80s teen stars. I recently watched all three parts of 'Back to the Future' and I'm dying to make a 2015 look (poor eighties Spielberg had no clue we wouldn't have hoverboards, eh?) but I don't think I possess many goofy futuristic pieces of clothing, a problem that needs remedying.

Alice in Chains (hehe, lame musical joke)

May 12, 2012


Good evening, everyone! Well, at least I can see sheets of midnight blue covering the city panorama outside my window as I'm typing this post. I'm feeling very romantic for no apparent reason - like someone painted the world around me in dewy watercolors and turned everyday sounds into a harmonious melody. I suppose that's why my finger stopped at Florence when I was shuffling aimlessly through the songs on my phone. I know her music isn't considered romantic per se, but it's so crystal clear, yet somehow dizzying, that it feels just like one of those innocent teen crushes. At any rate, this was the music in my headphones when I posted this look.

These shoes are my absolute favourite now - their chunky heel is about 4-5 inches high and yet they're incredibly comfortable! Wearing them is like walking on clouds, probably because the strap offers total support. Their unusual design is balanced out by their rather neutral colour (sandy beige) which makes them extremely wearable. Although sweltering summer temperatures usually negate my fashion sense (i.e. flip flops and sloppy cut offs become staples - grunge, yet with little to no thought put into my looks) summer '12 is bound to be a little more interesting with these rad wedges! I plan on wearing them until they're absolutely worn out, tattered and torn - expect myriads of future looks with their involvement.

This may or may not surprise you (I can't say for sure because I don't get much feedback from you guys therefore I have no idea how you perceive me) but I used to be rather self-conscious when it came to wearing slightly more transparent articles of clothing. But this see-through tank top was too beautiful not to buy! I fell in love with the fringe (that I just might style with a more cowboy edge later on - we'll see) and it's light as a feather, which means I'll have plenty of chances to rock it this summer with, oh, anything at all! The possibilities are endless even though this is nothing like your average staple.

These earrings were on sale at Topshop, which is why I bought them. It wasn't love at first sight, I'll tell you that - I'm not really into the cutesy hippie bohemian vibe most of the time. But I guess they've really grown on me since then. They're chunky and bold, which makes them more than just a New Agey accessory for someone named Moonshine. As for the necklace - my best friend in the whole wide world made it. It's just sea glass, but to me, it's more valuable than any precious jewel.

I've decided to stop cutting my blog entries with 'read more's. I think it's better if you can see all the pictures at once - then you can decide whether or not you want to even bother reading the entry. I hope I haven't bored you with the excessive descriptions of random clothing items. I have to warn you that I'll be doing this pretty often from now on - I'm feeling literary.


May 9, 2012


I bet you guys think I'm cute and nice, huh? Well now's the time for disappointment, then! I'm actually a haughty Pureblood Slytherin with zero tolerance for foolish Mudbloods. Oh, and Draco Malfoy is my boyfriend.

The Mirror of Erised - guess what it showed me?

Care for more? Read on, little Hufflepuff.


Hello again! Why don't we just stop for a second to pop open a bottle of champagne, for this, my friends, is my third feature! I know three isn't as majestic a number as, say, ten or twenty five, but the number means a lot to me. Well, not really three, but thirteen, and I'm not calling it my favourite number to be less ordinary OR to make any inclinations towards the goth culture. It's just that this number has always been in my life, as the floor I was born on, the floor I lived on until I was eleven, half of the day I was born on... Its significance is something I've never questioned, and yet the days when our neighborhood's resident black cat crosses the road in front of me have so far been my most successful days yet!

Success is something everyone even remotely connected to the fashion world craves. Which is why it's such a shame that lovely bloggers who deserve it as much as anyone else don't get the credit they're entitled to. One such blogger is Amber Love: not only is this gal's style out of this world, but she's also really nice and generally a great person! Read on to find out more about Amber. ;)


I used to be love drunk
But now I'm hungover
I loved you forever...
But now I'm sober.

Yes, yes, I know what you're going to say now. Boys Like Girls is one of the cheesiest bands alive; as for this song - the metaphors alone are disgustingly oozing with cheese. But I suppose I've reached a stage when soppy songs are so bad that I love them! Everyone passes through that stage, even hardcore Marilyn Manson fans like myself.

But we aren't going to discuss the look title forever, now are we? I had a lot of fun shooting this look, the first out of four looks shot at my cottage. I'm pretty sure this is my favourite - the rest may be quirky and cute, but this one really puts the ROMANTIC in Eclectic Romantic! And although there may come a day when I come to hate my blog's name, right now, nothing seems more perfect.

Let's get to it though, shall we? You have yet to see quite a few photos of this look and we haven't got all day.

May 4, 2012


Hey, guys! Yesterday was eye-opening for me. You know why? It's because I went to the premiere of Avengers! I'm not gonna review it (I'm pretty sure I explained why before) nor do I plan on posting any nasty spoilers here. All I can say is I've never watched a single superhero movie before yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. So much, in fact, that I'm seriously considering watching every single superhero movie there is.

My favourite photo from the shoot! ;)

I guess it's time to cut the foreplay and get to it, right? Right. Enjoy!

May 1, 2012


Hello, my dear readers! You will (probably) be amazed to find out that my previous post wasn't the last for today. In fact, this surprises even me! And yet this post isn't about me... The star today is the lovely Jackie C.! Even before I wrote this feature, actually, I was a fan of Jackie's both because of a) her inspiring style; b) her talent in anything DIY, whereas I'm usually incapable of even the simplest alterations; and c) the fact that Jackie has achieved all that at my age!

Oh look at me, rambling on and on again. I'll just stop. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Jackie C. of Sewing in Stilettos! Applause, please.


Good morning to you, ladies and gents! And in case I don't see ya - good afternoon, good evening and good night! Guess who's recently rewatched 'The Truman Show'? ;)

But this post isn't going to be a movie review, both because I tend to get carried away with my judgments and because I found the cutest little top in Bershka the other day! It wasn't my only find, Bershka being one of my favourite stores to buy anything remotely fifties-inspired, but I'll show you the rest later. For now - enjoy my pin up photosession! I actually spent a while choosing the right look for Lookbook, seeing as there were just so many nice pictures and it broke my heart to choose JUST one! In the end, however, I went with what I like to call The Brick photos, haha. Read on to see that and the rest ;)

April 29, 2012

She was just SEVENTEEN, you know what I mean

Hellooo everyone! Long time no post, huh? I guess that has to do with the fact that I feel obliged to write something decent on such an important occasion - a birthday is nothing to be trifled with, especially when it means only one more year 'till the end of school and everything I despise about it - and yet here I am, falling asleep from hours of intense rollerblading and anti-allergy pills in extensive amounts. But I have to write about my numerous birthday celebrations, and not only from an altruistic point of view - this is in fact a very selfish post. You see, I feel the need to leave traces of this week on the Internet so as not to forget about everything that happened.

But then, you guys are probably more interested in the sartorial aspect of my celebrations, so clothes are what I'll give you with the briefest of comments about the celebrations themselves. Read on, don't be shy.

April 10, 2012


Hello, my lovely readers! As I'm writing these words I'm smiling. You know why? It's 'cause of you guys! I was actually about to forget all about this blog and give up when I realized that I had TWENTY followers on here already! It just makes me so happy to know that 20 people like my blog, read it, are actually interested in what I have to say. For that - thank you!

Today I actually have a new outfit to post! It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland (my namesake, in a way). I paired a Pepe Jeans baby blue tunic (which isn't actually supposed to be a minidress, lol) with my favourite black thigh highs and got a slightly darker spin of the tale. You can see the look on Lookbook, as usual, and here are a few bonus photos from the shoot which didn't work for the look but are too pretty not to be shown at least here!

I bought myself a new pair of boots for the spring - I'm just in love with them! 
The heel isn't too high, so they're super comfortable, but they're reaaallly cool despite the low heel!

One of my fave photos from the shoot - you can really see the embroidery on the tunic here. 
It's so well-made, I just fell in love with it! It really is like a fairytale. ~

I guess that's all for now. I'm leaving for Irkutsk (that's a Siberian city!) to participate in the final level of an English contest. Wish me luck!

Alice (in Wonderland?)

March 20, 2012


Hello, folks! I can't express how pleased I am to see four more of you in that little box at the right - no matter how little time I have for it, I do love this blog with all my heart and I'm certainly delighted to see that I'm not the only one! 

I've been ridiculously busy this whole week - school and the like - and even now I should be working on my French project. But I'm not (it's so boring!). Instead I'm here with you to share something I made a while ago out of a few pics from my old looks. Once upon a time I had a free moment so I stylized four pictures to look like something from almost a hundred years ago! Guess which eras I chose?

Yep. Twenties and fifties. 'Cause they're soo in style.
actually I have no idea how that choice happened, haha

Anyway, here they are, without further ado:

You've seen this one before, but not the next one...

March 10, 2012


Hello, both my lovely followers (there are twelve of you now, my extended family is growing rather nicely!) and those of you who have wandered over here accidentally and are rather confused by the title of this post. I can even read your mind, no, really! You're thinking something along the lines of: 'But this is a fashion blog! She isn't supposed to be inspiring me to live on, to stay happy, unless it concerns fashion directly! Sheesh!' Well, 'kay, maybe sans the sheesh, but you get the picture.

But then, all of you random people reading this are also intrigued by this unlikely title, eh? Which is exactly why you will indeed read on to see what I have in store for you.

March 9, 2012


Okay, so since the link to this blog can only be found on my LB page (yes, I chose not to let my Facebook friends know about it; no, I am not weird) most of you guys have probably already seen my latest look. For those of you who HAVEN'T, well, that isn't for long! It's crucial that you see this look before reading the embarrassing words I'm about to write, so here it is, brace yourselves:

This is actually one of the rare occasions when the look turned out better than I had thought it would when planning it! I guess it's because it's a tiny bit more casual than the others, as well as the fact that it's much closer to my everyday style. I mean, it's not like I never wear all those pretty strappy dresses, but I just don't wear them quite as often as cute mini's and baggy shirts.

That being said, read on for some very nostalgic, melancholy and obviously sappy words.

March 8, 2012


So because I'm such a nail-polish freak, I decided to show you what my nails currently look like as well as a few new polishes I bought yesterday as part of my glitter obsession!

But first of all, I want you to know that I am neither a totally glamorous airhead nor do I support such behavior in girls (or guys, for that matter). Obviously there's no reason for a girl to give up beauty and nice clothes altogether, but why become obsessed with it so much as to give up other hobbies and interests altogether? Sure, it's harder to be a multi-talented person with views on everything AND look like a million dollars, but who says the easy way is the best?

Okay, rant done! Read on for nail polish galore.

March 7, 2012

YOU'LL NEVER BE POPULAR: Why kills the artist in you

Everyone more or less involved in the Internet fashion scene has at least heard of Most of you even have accounts on there, and regularly post new outfits. I'm no exception - I got hooked almost two years ago and returned last month because its pull was too much for me to resist. And before you read this somewhat angry rant, I want you to have no doubts about my future - Lookbook is here to stay, leaving is out of the question, DESPITE - or even because - of what I have to say.

Intrigued? Then read on.


Hello, everyone! Nice to see so many people in my subscribers box. Nine is the largest single-digit number, after all, and it just gives me hope to see that someone in this world wants to hear what I have to say! So thank you, darlings, I'm sending my love with this post.

Anyway, today's post (article? no, too pretentious) concerns me in the most egotistic way imaginable. I plan on showing you what inspires me and my style right now - music, movies, pictures, random pieces of Internet that I stumbled upon in my pursuit of something a little more beautiful, a little less ordinary.

Let's begin, shall we?

March 5, 2012


Hello everyone! This is me, Alice again, still with you on this somewhat tedious yet endearing little blog. And today's post will differ slightly from my usual style - there will be neither narcissism (i.e. numerous pictures of me in a dress) nor mindless ramblings (i.e. check last two posts). Nope, today you'll get a refreshing break from my usual rambly style because I decided to feature someone verrry fashionable!

So... Introducing Amanda R of Something Fashionable! Enjoy, ladies and gents:

March 4, 2012


Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2012

Hi everyone, Alice here, once more! So I decided that since this blog is technically supposed to be dedicated to fashion (and not just yours truly in various subtly unfashionable outfits) I should write a bit about the trends of the following season, DESPITE the fact that I rarely pay any attention whatsoever to what designers say should be worn. And yet... The other day, while my nails were drying (bright retro red!) I leafed through a few of my new magazines halfheartedly only to discover that the new trends were VERY much worth attention this season!

Anyhow, without further ado, ladies and gents: I present to you the top THREE hottest trends of the season!

March 3, 2012


So I decided to start a series of posts about 20th century fashion icons: actresses, singers, models, politicians, etc, that helped shape the fashion industry and help it become what it is today!

And to start I will talk about the actress that inspires many girls even today: Audrey Hepburn, born Audrey Kathleen Ruston. Her style is pure minimalism with a very classy vibe. Apparently, she was the kind of girl who never went out unless wearing mascara! That sounds like a good rule to live by. Always look your best.


One of my favourite dresses, I think. Zara just keeps enchanting me with their amazing sixties silhouettes and vibrant colours!

Dress : TRF by Zara
Pumps : Bershka
Flower : H&M
Purse : Lindex
Bracelet : New Look
Belt : ?

March 2, 2012


Well, hello there, whoever you are, and welcome to my blog... I'm not very good at this type of thing, but I suppose we'll see how true that is in the future. Anyway, this is my new look. I wear this to school rather often (minus the thigh highs), so it may seem somewhat boring, but I love the schoolgirl vibe it has.