August 1, 2012

vintage hollywood horror time

I recently got re-obsessed with Polyvore. I added the 're' because I was pretty crazy about it two-three years ago. But, as things usually happen (at least in my world) I lost all my usernames and passwords and stuff so I had to create a new account from scratch. Thankfully, life in this bountiful Internet era is very pleasant and simple, so I was back on track in mere seconds.

I used to be terrified of anything that even hinted at being of the horror variety, but I recently started watching thrillers and mild horror movies, which has made me slightly more immune to their ah-factor. So now, I thrive on adrenaline.

This summer I decided to focus on something creepier than the typical floral/boho/tropical getaway themes you can generally encounter in magazines. I know scares are generally reserved for colder months, but face it, what can be creepier than being pulled underwater by a cthulhu-like beast? And can there be a stranger variety of horror movies than the one where a group of kids plans a road trip to their uncle's old cabin in the woods only to be gobbled up by fierce zombies? You gotta admit there's beauty in easygoing holidays gone wrong. Or maybe I'm some rare sort of psycho. I dunno.

Polyvore is a lot speedier, more modern and easier to use these days, which appeals to my non-tech-savvy side, and it's always been convenient because you don't have to go to the trouble of finding every single image's original source. And yet! Polyvore people, why do you have to make me feel like such a loser the second I make my first set? 

You know what happened? I got a like. Right after creating my first set. Seriously. Seconds after. Excited, I clicked through to see who appreciated it so much. And you know what I saw?

...actually, that sounds way too unnatural to be something for a real teen to say. Ah well, mission failed. *goes back to knitting*

Have a good life, yall!

PS: Oh, fun fact! I pasted a block of my writing over here and was told that, apparently, I write like H.P. Lovecraft, author of 'Call of Cthulhu'! I guess that's also what inspired me to write about these themes. I should probably read the book, too; it's pretty classic.

PPS: I tried I Write Like on a few chunks of my novel-in-progress and got the same result twice in a row! TALK ABOUT A COINCIDENCE, right?!?!

PPPS: I eventually got so inspired by this polyset (a neologism by moi; so cool, huh?) that I proceeded to paint my eyes bright blue. Below are pics from a half-look that's sort of a super tacky 80's version of 50's pulp sci-fi horror movies, if that makes sense? My top is super awesome polyester with a velvety feel from M & S (who knew they had anything remotely trashy, right?). My hair SHOULD be permed but the summer heat's made me too lazy for details.

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