August 1, 2012

high school hellcats on the ruuun

Hello, Internet people. I guess this post is basically a testimony to my unending naive hope for a bright future. Or maybe just boredom. I don't know. In any case, there's little use in rambling on and on about my limited readership, so I guess I should just get to the point, right?

Lately I've been feeling extremely fed up with all the clothes I've worn for the past year, even my whole image. All of my LB looks are pretentious quality photos of a hubris-stricken teenager striking generic poses. I guess they're kind of pretty, but I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING CONVENTIONALLY PRETTY. A few days ago my angst reached new heights: my frantic hands reached for the scissors, begging to chop of my hard-earned mane of hair off at the root. I drew things all over myself in an attempt to look less human. I don't know what prompted this, but somehow being merely a regular girl like everyone else I know is no longer enough. And posting typical Lookbook-worthy photos is sickening.

I want to focus on reflecting the vibes I feel around me, pull inspiration from the world I live in and my own fantasies and the books I read and the bad soap operas I chance upon on TV. I want to dress like no one else, but mostly LIKE MYSELF. Why is it that it's so hard?

Anyway, back to the present... I shot a few pics the other day wearing my new romper slash pyjamas. There's actually a funny story behind it: I was sure the pretty white star-sprangled thing I found on sale at Topshop was a regular 50's-style romper UNTIL I GOT TO CHECK-OUT. The cashier smiled sweetly at me, saying that underwear and PJ's were unrefundable. And then the reality of it all dawned on me... That same lady nearly kept me from buying the earrings I'm wearing in these pics, too. Bitch.
(I kind of hate this one's Lookbookyness, but it'll have to do)

So here they are. I added loads of graininess and then chickened out. What I particularly love about rompers (I have two) is that they're ridiculously comfortable. Plus they take about three seconds to slip on and you're ready to go! Seize the day! Conquer the world! Whatever you want! Cool, huh?

Oh, fun fact: soccer is my absolute favourite sport. I can probably watch She's the Man for a bajilliion days in a row and never tire of it. I was actually positive I was brilliant at the sport until a few days ago, when my younger bro's playmate pwned me SO HARD. So these days I just stay at home in the safety of my own front yard and throw around a soccer ball with no witnesses. Yes, I know, I'm a sore loser.

This one probably shouldn't be my favourite, but it is, since I've always drawn a creepy sort of satisfaction out of stupid-looking pinup girls. So now I'm one of them, looking like I don't have a thought in my head. How cute.

Anyway, ta-ta


  1. I feel the same way sometimes in terms of fashion expression. And a couple of years ago I cut little bangs that were supposed to look like those of Grimes -- but they ended up turning into horrible measly bangs...followed by my own fixing session which only led to a bald spot...and a whole year of headbands. Fashion expression, eccentricity and authenticity is difficult, but over the years it gets easier and find out what feels right instinctually! I like the romper <3 Iddie

  2. Lovely ! I love your blog !! ♥ ♥ ♥ ( and on LOOKBOOK )