March 3, 2012


So I decided to start a series of posts about 20th century fashion icons: actresses, singers, models, politicians, etc, that helped shape the fashion industry and help it become what it is today!

And to start I will talk about the actress that inspires many girls even today: Audrey Hepburn, born Audrey Kathleen Ruston. Her style is pure minimalism with a very classy vibe. Apparently, she was the kind of girl who never went out unless wearing mascara! That sounds like a good rule to live by. Always look your best.

Audrey in a little black dress, which remains
 a popular way out of  a fashion crisis nowadays

Naturally, all of her clothes would have looked quite different on someone with a less svelte slim figure, and yet I believe almost everyone can learn from Audrey: she has this effortless way of making even the most boring items look like they're worth a million. Plus Audrey always stressed the importance of quality: according to her, a lady should own several high-quality pieces rather than a bunch of cheap things that will soon wear out. Ah, I suppose my wardrobe would disappoint her... 

Simple, feminine, classy are the three words that 
best describe Miss Hepburn's style

I guess I will confess: Audrey's always been my favourite actress. Not only is she beautiful, thin (!), stylish and talented, but she is also well known for charity and humanitarian work. I only wish I can someday become as lovely as her.

The typical Audrey hairstyle is usually considered to be the French twist or a short pixie cut, and no one even mentions the ponytail! I believe this is a seriously underrated hairstyle. We consider it to be too basic, too casual whereas it can be so sweet!

With traditional fifties chic, Audrey rocked geometrical patterns and dresses, but...

...she was beautiful in pants as well! In actuality, Audrey was one of the first women to bring pants into the fashion world! This was unheard of in the fifties, which is where her class turns into boldness.

And I'll finish off with this rare candid shot of Audrey out and about:

Thanks for reading! <3



  1. i looooveeeee audrey hepburn she is sooo beautiful!! I love her style, only i'm not quite tall enough to pull it off :/ great post!! <3

    1. Ha, same here! If I were taller and thinner, though, I'd definitely dress just like her!
      I'm glad you liked this post! <3