March 10, 2012


Hello, both my lovely followers (there are twelve of you now, my extended family is growing rather nicely!) and those of you who have wandered over here accidentally and are rather confused by the title of this post. I can even read your mind, no, really! You're thinking something along the lines of: 'But this is a fashion blog! She isn't supposed to be inspiring me to live on, to stay happy, unless it concerns fashion directly! Sheesh!' Well, 'kay, maybe sans the sheesh, but you get the picture.

But then, all of you random people reading this are also intrigued by this unlikely title, eh? Which is exactly why you will indeed read on to see what I have in store for you.
And what I have for you is rather spectacular, in my verrry humble opinion! I know that everyone has bad hair days, bad days, black days, sad days, the blues, the mean reds (yay Breakfast At Tiffany's reference!) - call 'em whatever works for you, you're bound to have them, unless, of course, you're an ideal human being/a robot/delusional.

This happens to me, too. Take today, for example - all of a sudden I felt too tired to be alive, like the weight of the world was resting on my shoulders alone. But I got up, went outside, grabbed a friend and we had a blast. Which is why my frown is now absolutely upside down (okay, corny expression alert). 

I don't plan on giving you any 'useful' advice on living your life. You know why? Because all that is bullshit. I'm serious. I've been given more advice in my life than I can stomach and I know perfectly well that the only thing that works for you is what YOU think will work. Instead of listening to others, listen to your heart - as wrong as it may seem to you, trust it because it alone wil lead you in the right direction.

Here are some inspiring pictures that cheer me up significantly. All from, I'm too lazy to link them to the random Tumblr people who created them - anyway, I highly doubt I'd find the original artists even if I tried. Oh, and before you call me a typical annoying teen - well, so what if I am? ;)

So that's all I have to say today! Don't worry, be happy, everything will be great. And my favorite quote to conclude this Tumblr-like post: 'Everything is always okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.'



  1. I sooooo needed this !! Was having such a bad day yesterday :( :( But yes, you're right, its just one day & life certainly does go on. X

  2. or to put a slightly disturbed spin on my favourite saying is "No one gets out alive anyway" ;) x

    1. You couldn't have said it better. :)