March 8, 2012


So because I'm such a nail-polish freak, I decided to show you what my nails currently look like as well as a few new polishes I bought yesterday as part of my glitter obsession!

But first of all, I want you to know that I am neither a totally glamorous airhead nor do I support such behavior in girls (or guys, for that matter). Obviously there's no reason for a girl to give up beauty and nice clothes altogether, but why become obsessed with it so much as to give up other hobbies and interests altogether? Sure, it's harder to be a multi-talented person with views on everything AND look like a million dollars, but who says the easy way is the best?

Okay, rant done! Read on for nail polish galore.

So these are the polishes I bought yesterday (in different settings, haha):

You can see the colours better on the second picture, and yet it doesn't quite do them justice. The polishes are by Essence, a German company which has its products made in France, and yet they're incredibly cheap - I bought each of these beauties for 66 rubles, which is about two dollars! As you can see, I'm not a huge fan of splurging on cosmetics, the only expensive make up products are the one my mom buys me. But then, I see no point in dishing out loads of money on polishes you'll finish in a month, particularly if they're just quirky colourful playthings for you to experiment with. 

Although I'm DYING to try these out, I'm also rather reluctant to take off my current polish. I had my nails done in pastels, mint and pink, both polishes are Sally Hansen, another great brand. Here's my hand, looking somewhat awkward, haha:

And a close-up:

It has to be noted that I am NOT the greatest nail artist in the world; in fact, my nails usually remind the work of a crafty eight year old. I learned to do my right hand relatively well only a year ago when I got into beauty and, therefore, nail polish - before that, I chose to go indifferently nude.

What I like about my current manicure is how light and reminiscent of spring it is, even though nature doesn't seem to realize that it's already March (!) and it had better make that snow disappear, fast. Can't wait till the temperature is above zero (we live by Celsius here) and Russia no longer reflects its most popular stereotype. No, not the bears.

Anyway, I just wanted to show off and prove that my obsession with sparkles in my next-to-last post was not just a bunch of words!


PS: Someday I'll make a review of my whole makeup collection. BEWARE.


  1. Your writing is the best! It makes me giggle so much :) We have the Essence range in South Africa as well, nice brand and I have some of their shades as well. Send me your email address! I have to show you how I painted my toes today - Craaaazy lol! X

    1. Thanks once again, Siyaam! <3
      This is my email:

      I'd love to see your nails!