March 20, 2012


Hello, folks! I can't express how pleased I am to see four more of you in that little box at the right - no matter how little time I have for it, I do love this blog with all my heart and I'm certainly delighted to see that I'm not the only one! 

I've been ridiculously busy this whole week - school and the like - and even now I should be working on my French project. But I'm not (it's so boring!). Instead I'm here with you to share something I made a while ago out of a few pics from my old looks. Once upon a time I had a free moment so I stylized four pictures to look like something from almost a hundred years ago! Guess which eras I chose?

Yep. Twenties and fifties. 'Cause they're soo in style.
actually I have no idea how that choice happened, haha

Anyway, here they are, without further ado:

You've seen this one before, but not the next one...

...but this one is new! The quality/lighting wasn't good enough for me to use it for my look, but sepia worked wonders as usual.


You've seen this one, too!

Now this is my absolute fave. Not to seem narcissistic or anything, but I can't help saying that this in this photo I managed to capture the exact mood that I wanted to portray - an attempt at pinup, if you will. 

So now I'll let you guys be the judges - are these photos authentic enough? Do I resemble anyone from the Jazz Age in the first set? Do you feel like dancing to this song when you see the fifties pics?

I'll let you make the decisions. As for me - my project awaits me. Sigh.



  1. So beautiful! I love it, you are absolutely stunning girl xx

    1. Aww thank you so much, dear!
      It means a lot<3

  2. love the vintage effect, totally lovely photos:) followed!

    check my blog if you want:

  3. Found you on Lookbook and I wanted to leave a comment to say that this is a beautiful pic. I love the vintage vibe of it.