March 5, 2012


Hello everyone! This is me, Alice again, still with you on this somewhat tedious yet endearing little blog. And today's post will differ slightly from my usual style - there will be neither narcissism (i.e. numerous pictures of me in a dress) nor mindless ramblings (i.e. check last two posts). Nope, today you'll get a refreshing break from my usual rambly style because I decided to feature someone verrry fashionable!

So... Introducing Amanda R of Something Fashionable! Enjoy, ladies and gents:

A little bit about yourself: I'm Amanda, a 18 year old Spanish girl who started on about two years ago, and someone who tries to write for her fashion blog on her free time. I live in Valencia, a city on the eastern coast of Spain, with nice weather almost all the year. I study last year of High School, and I hope I can study Architecture or Design next year. I also practice fencing, a sport I discovered some years ago.

How did you get into fashion? I have always liked cinema and books, because my mom does. She also loves ''classic'' celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, and I think that's the reason why I've been always around fashion books and magazines since I was a child. Then I discovered fashion bloggers and, and that make me think if I could be into that world too.

Describe your personal style and its influences.
As I said, I've been always fascinated by cinema, so most of my influences come from classical movies and its celebrities and actresses, also by more actual movies like ''Back to the Future''. I'm the typical girl who feels very comfortable with a pair of Levi's and a white T-shirt on her everyday. I also try to mix styles when possible, between old and new things, so I think my style is very ''eclectic''.

What is the fashion scene in your city like?
Aw, I personally think most valencian people of my age don't care very much about their appearance. It seems like because it's always sunny and quite hot here, you have to always wear tank tops or even tracksuit! That's why, when I see a teenager walking on heel sandals with a cute, simple dress, or classy jeans with a sweatshirt, I'm amazed that there's still few people with sense of style.

What music do you listen to? I like almost all kind of music with lyrics. I think my favourite genre would be pop or pop/rock, but lately I've been listening very much to R&B and dance. I don't have any favourite singer, but I really like the songs David Guetta and Taio Cruz are releasing lately. Also, if it comes to sport and motivation, I always listen to R.I.O., Akon and ItaloBrothers.

Favourite fashion blogger? Recently I always visit Kristina Bazan's blog,  ''Kayture'', at least twice a week, because I love her mix of styles on her outfits and also how she does her makeup.

So this was Amanda's story, and though this is my first feature, it will not be the last! Check back for more - coming up next,  Jackie C.!



  1. Hi!! Thank you sooo much for this feature. I'll tell about it on my blog :D
    See u!


  2. Love your first two looks :) Adorable!