March 7, 2012

YOU'LL NEVER BE POPULAR: Why kills the artist in you

Everyone more or less involved in the Internet fashion scene has at least heard of Most of you even have accounts on there, and regularly post new outfits. I'm no exception - I got hooked almost two years ago and returned last month because its pull was too much for me to resist. And before you read this somewhat angry rant, I want you to have no doubts about my future - Lookbook is here to stay, leaving is out of the question, DESPITE - or even because - of what I have to say.

Intrigued? Then read on. is a popular site for hipsters and fashionistas alike. People join, post looks, get hypes. Sounds rather innocent, doesn't it? Ah, but nothing's ever that simple. Because Lookbook turns almost every individual into part of a large sect of hype-seeking slaves - sometimes known as 'hype whores'.

Why does this happen, you may ask? It is my humble opinion that turning works of art of sorts - people's looks, the way they see themselves in the world - into products on the mass market that are all alike, simply with differing prices, is rather unfair to the people in question. After all, how can one evaluate art, on the grand scale of things? Opinions are subjective, so I see no reason for certain looks to be on the HOT page while others can't even dream of reaching it.

Now, this isn't socialism I'm asking for, just a little respect, maybe? Maybe we shouldn't be brainwashed on a site for the open-minded, the creative, to believe any look with 1000+ hypes is truly original and worthy of attention? Because, not meaning to insult anyone, 90% of the looks I see on the HOT page are something I see every day on the streets. Wearable? Sure. Cute? Maybe. Original? Never. So how come Lookbook believes otherwise?

I guess I'd even be okay with this pro-normal approach, maybe find arguments for its existence, if the whole principle of the thing didn't turn hopeful users into desperate hyping slaves prepared to do anything for just a few more hypes, just to be millimeters closer to their goal: the HOT page. They lose whatever creativity they may have had upon joining LB, often without even approaching HOT status. And even if somehow, by luck or whatnot, they reach their goal, what is their prize?


Because face it, one hot look will only give you fleeting fame and therefore short-lived joy. After watching your famous look dramatically lose its position, you'll probably go back to what you were doing before: posting typical LB-style looks in hopes of getting back on the HOT page, getting more of that drug. 

Don't call me hypocritical because I do this, too. I understand what I've become, which is exactly why I want you guys to know what Lookbook is really like. Maybe this will help you survive disappointment, stop fighting so pointlessly to win this online popularity contest. 

Of course, there are ways of achieving fame. Want to hear them? Here they are:
∆ be thin
∆ be blonde/red-haired
∆ be Swedish
∆ have a professional camera...
∆ ...and a professional photographer to take pictures of you daily
∆ wear Litas
∆ wear expensive clothes
∆ put the current most popular song in the look title

I guess those are the main points, but anyone who's been on Lookbook for a while can probably invent many more. 

This is all, I suppose, rant finished. All of this would make me sad if I thought there was a way out. As it is, I can only say one thing: no wonder Tavi Gevinson never registered on Lookbook. And thank goodness.



  1. I love this Post !! What an excellent piece, I found myself laughing and agreeing all the same time. I love lookbook but I by no means care whether anyone Hypes my looks or not. Def agree with you that the Hype whore nonsense is just too much, people need to get over themselves. Keep up the good work ! X

    1. Thank you so much for reading and liking!
      It's horrible how much people are willing to do for hypes, but I guess it doesn't matter as much if we don't support it!

  2. I think that you are right, I found your blog comming from lookbook, as I found many fashion bloggers, but it's true that in the hot pages there is an "elit" who always appear.
    Keep fighting, your style (and blog, by extension) is wonderful, even if it doesn't appear at the hot pages^^
    Kisses from Catalonia ♥

    1. Thank you, dear! Your comment really means the world to me<333

  3. brill post!! Made me laugh 'cos it's rather true!! I am hooked on lookbook, although one positive is that it has shown me the world of online shopping...which could actually be a negative seeing as I am now spending more...ooh dear :/ i agree super strongly with your camera points, i once saw someone comment on a great look, but the photo wasn't great quality, that if said person got a professional camera they'd get more hypes...!?! eh?! i was like saayyy whaat?! :P the person replied that they could never afford a camera like that which is the same as most people. thought it was about fashion :P

    woahh long comment...i should really tear myself away and do study...but i cant :P big love <3

    1. I suppose I got a little carried away with this post - let a little more anger out than needed - but it allowed the truth to surface, if only a bit. Lookbook's ways aren't right, but there's no changing them so I guess we should just live with them. The world's an imperfect place ♥

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! :)

  4. There are many factors, I do think you need to spend lots of time hyping other looks though.

  5. I actually like your post. True, from the beginning that I have registered on Lookbook, I actually noticed that most of the looks on the hot page aren't really that.. say.. outrageously goregeous outfits our whatever. On the other hand, I had thought that maybe it's the popularity of these people that get them over hundreds of hypes. And talk about other people who would just irritatingly shout out their looks on other social networking pages just to get hypes. *face palm* I mean come on, if these people allow themselves to be hype seekers, then it's their own fault for not being able to control their own desires. It's just a matter of discipline. It's quite funny when they heard from a friend who accidentally saw my lookbook profile, they told me, "How come we don't know that you have a lookbook too?! We can fan each other and hype our looks!".. Such a stupid, attention-seeking exclamation to even begin with!
    So I said to her and to them.. "The reason why is that.. First, I DON'T SEE the necessity of me shouting out on my facebook or twitter my looks and caption it, heeeey I posted this and that, so please, HYPE my look. It seems too desperate to actually make someone like your look. What's the point of knowing whether people like your outfit or not if you're gonna go shouting out to "please like my look on LB" .. What fuckery right? Second, I don't like the promo for promo, fan for fan, hype for hype. Another stupidity of people..."
    Do I make sense to you?
    Atleast I don't ask people for hype or even be conscious whether or not people would hype my look.. Well basically, I have a set mind to post whatever I like, and let people decide whether they would like my looks or not. It's so sad to force them just for the sake of ratings..
    And I don't hype everything on the hot page, not all of them are of my taste..
    Just so you know, there are still several people on LB who would post looks but do not shoutout theirs.

    It's all about mental control and awareness.

    -Alecx ^_^

  6. I can't help but totally agree with you!

  7. Thanks for cheering me up! I was sort of down since my looks aren't getting any hypes or likes. I sometimes put effort in posing for the photos. But then, I thank you for making me realize that hypes aren't the measure on how your good your style is. It's more of a self-expression and I somehow feel liberated because I am pushing myself to dress up that screams "ME".


  8. Thanks for cheering me up! I was sort of down since my looks aren't getting any hypes or likes. I sometimes put effort in posing for the photos. But then, I thank you for making me realize that hypes aren't the measure on how your good your style is. It's more of a self-expression and I somehow feel liberated because I am pushing myself to dress up that screams "ME".


  9. haha, i was sorta confused as to why we have #ootd in the first place and why even students as young as high schoolers are making such big efforts in getting such expensive clothes just for that one chance of online exposure. so not worth it. the students i mentioned just now should just really be focusing on their schoolwork, instead of trying to look pretty for the internet.

  10. And I just joined today. I'll see what my fate would be. :)