March 7, 2012


Hello, everyone! Nice to see so many people in my subscribers box. Nine is the largest single-digit number, after all, and it just gives me hope to see that someone in this world wants to hear what I have to say! So thank you, darlings, I'm sending my love with this post.

Anyway, today's post (article? no, too pretentious) concerns me in the most egotistic way imaginable. I plan on showing you what inspires me and my style right now - music, movies, pictures, random pieces of Internet that I stumbled upon in my pursuit of something a little more beautiful, a little less ordinary.

Let's begin, shall we?

Recently I discovered something new in my usual palette of preferences: a crazy love for sparkles. It's so weird. When I was eight and such a thing was more than passable, it was expected, I wore black and went vegetarian. Now, however, on the brink of seventeen, I eat sugar in ridiculous amounts and swoon over insane sparkly nail polishes. Degradation? Maybe.

Gorgeous tones of raspberry from here

Love the eighties vibe blue nails always seem to emanate! (source

So I was browsing through Etsy and I...fell in love. I soo want to make a similar crown now, so sparkly and mermaid-y! (X)

I have a bit of a confession to make now: I'm somewhat conservative and biased where designers are concerned. I only ever follow a handful of not-so-popular ones and have the annoying tendency of gushing over ANYTHING of their creation. Such a designer is Christopher Kane. I fell in love with his collections sometime around Resort 2011 - those absolutely whimsical starry galaxy prints blew me away! I loved the silhouettes' simplicity combined with the brightness of the prints. It was a perfect collection. I even got the (embarrassing!) habit of spending a grand half hour every day just staring at those dresses. I honestly believed nothing could ever impress me as much.

But I was wrong.

Christopher Kane Resort 2012. Pictures from here, compiled by me
(har har, yes, I DO know how to use Photoshop! Be jealous)

Okay, so this is the moment where you agree that your life has been pointless before now. 

But seriously, aren't these so lovely, so vibrant, so happiness-inducing?! Every outfit is the ideal combination of bright and simple. I may be a crazy minimalist, but these looks...speak to me. I'm not sure if they quite outshine last year's collection, but I could definitely see myself wearing them. I'd complicate them, though - maybe some bright jello bracelets in neon colours and a ribbon in my hair would work as a melange of sixties, eighties and zeroes? I don't know. In any case, Christopher Kane has once again outdone himself.

And so, we move on to music. I've been listening to heavier tunes lately, which has slightly influenced my taste in clothes as well. Courtney Love, Hanoi Rocks, Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper are all at the top of my playlist. But this is the leader for my whole mood right now:

I love the meaning of the lyrics, it all seems to fall together so well. I've been in a silghtly melancholy/rebellious mood lately and if that sounds weird let's just say so am I.

What does this mishmash leave me with in the end? Sparkles, neons and chains. Sounds perfect to me.

That was all for now! Hope you got at least slightly inspired, darlings.



  1. spaarrrrkless!! i love glitter ;) right now im eating a cupcake covered in edible purple glitter:) happy days ;)

    1. Oh wow, edible glitter! That must be fantastic<3