May 9, 2012


I bet you guys think I'm cute and nice, huh? Well now's the time for disappointment, then! I'm actually a haughty Pureblood Slytherin with zero tolerance for foolish Mudbloods. Oh, and Draco Malfoy is my boyfriend.

The Mirror of Erised - guess what it showed me?

Care for more? Read on, little Hufflepuff.

Actually, I once took a really complex test to find out what House I would've been sorted into. I got 75% Slytherin, 15% Gryffindor and insignificant amounts of the other two. Which is actually very...odd, if you ask me. I was positive I'd be classified as a Ravenclaw or something (but then, I'm so lazy when it comes to my studies - even now I should be memorizing icky 19th century poems and solving equations). Ha. Being a Slytherdor feels so badass. To be honest, though, I was elated to see such results - I've been crushing on Draco (and Tom Felton, too) since I was nine. I guess I have a thing for blond bad guys.

Sometimes, my obsession with HP appalls me. I spent two years roleplaying on a very advanced text-based RPG site both to develop my writing skills and have a say in the characters' future. I was Hermione two Halloweens in a row (should've been Pansy, but whatever). Actually, I think Pansy Parkinson didn't get the credit she deserved. I know J.K. Rowling based her off all the girls who had bullied her when she was a kid so naturally she didn't like her character much, but Pansy could've had such...depth. She was at Draco's side for ages until that Astoria Greengrass bitch married him. But then, yeah, she was kind of stupid. Draco deserved better.

I turned him to wood. You're next.

The wand I'm holding in this shoot is extremely old - the engraving on it says 2001 but I know I got it a little later. The tip is slightly scuffed but otherwise it looks practically new. I found it cleaning up and it was actually the inspiration for this entire look. The only thing I'll tell you, though, was that the posing was really awkward - it took me a while to pose naturally with it. A wand's one of the most awkward accessories ever.

I'm too cool to fall off my broom because of some rogue Bludger. I can hold on. Really, I ca-

I hate to disappoint you, but this broom wasn't specifically bought because of my love for HP. I snuck around my cottage for a while before I found it. It's a tad short to be an actually magical broom, as you can see from the above picture, but I used my magical Photoshop skills to crop the picture actually involved in the look. Heh. So clever. 

Sooo I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Oh. And you know what? The Dark Lord has risen.



  1. Great blog, love your looks, you are so lovely and very cute ! I want to be your super fan !
    Nice to follow here:) XOXO ♥ ♥ ♥ Tanya

  2. Great post...I am obsessed with Harry Potter too but I am super loyal to Harry (secret crush on Seamus Finnigan - he lives in Ireland where my family live!!) Tom Felton is HOT but you can't deny - Draco is not brave or courageous! He's a sly little snake! :P Harry can be a bad boy too...I guess I just don't go for blonds :P <333 big love!!

    1. Yeah, I guess you're right about Draco. But then, he can be pretty badass. ;) I would crush on Tom Riddle (he was quite a looker in his day!) if he hadn't turned into an icky snakelike monster aka Voldemort afterwards, lol. As for my blond obsession...well...nothing I can do to help it!


  3. I suspect I would be a Slytherin, due to ambition and a ruthless streak.
    I need a fitted blouse like that! ;_;
    When I dress up as a wizard (not a witch. A wizard.) I wear my pink bathrobe wielding a chopstick as my wand. I have small pieces of paper which are copies of Lockhart's books. I don't have any liking for Lockhart - just, he was the most likely wizard to wear a pink robe, I thought.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. I say you get one! Fitted blouses are a VERY big part of my school wardrobe, they go with practically anything and can be played with many different garments.

      Oh, come on, Lockhart is DAMN AWESOME. As a character. I love his pure conceit, his vanity and how different he is from all the other DADA teachers. But then, all of them are pretty spectacular on their own. Aw, I love HP.

      Thanks for the comment<33

  4. I also took a house HP test and I was also mostly Slytherin! I thought I would be Slytherin though...
    By the way, I LOVED that post.
    P.S. Draco is my favourite HP character to

  5. You're cute, but exactly looked like my ex lol wtf