May 4, 2012


Hey, guys! Yesterday was eye-opening for me. You know why? It's because I went to the premiere of Avengers! I'm not gonna review it (I'm pretty sure I explained why before) nor do I plan on posting any nasty spoilers here. All I can say is I've never watched a single superhero movie before yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. So much, in fact, that I'm seriously considering watching every single superhero movie there is.

My favourite photo from the shoot! ;)

I guess it's time to cut the foreplay and get to it, right? Right. Enjoy!

I'm pretty sure that the accessories in this look are the best yet - or at least the most detailed and thought-through. In this case I didn't just throw everything I owned together (like I used to, lol). Instead I chose several colours and stuck to them, as well as an overall theme. I'm proud of myself. Haha. My favourites are this purse my neighbor gave to me when I was about ten (it's from Peru!) and the ring I'm wearing from H&M - it looks like glass or ice or something and is probably my favourite ring. I'm not much of a ring person, but this minimalist plastic piece stole my heart.

Oh, and I made one of the bracelets out of a stolen yo-yo string. True story.

Only in the end did I realize that this T-shirt has absolutely nothing in common with the theme I chose. But then, in the long run, what does it matter?

Tell me what you think!