May 15, 2012


Hey, guys! The middle of May has brought with it absolutely new style influences, at least for me, which will seem puzzling to you when you find out about the influences in question. You see, I'm not talking about cutesy pastels and spring-y florals - I'm not even talking about the oh-so-popular neon trend! What I'm currently obsessed with is grunge, or anything in its general ballpark - gothic elements, glam rock, somber kitsch, The Addams Family, etc, etc. That's right. The word of the day is...


I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Marilyn Manson's upcoming concert on May 26th that I'm attending! I feel so excited. This is going to be my very first concert (believe it or not) and I'm already getting in the mood! Whether or not I make a good goth - you be the judge. Here are some extra pictures from today's shoot.

Ignore the generic poses.

Believe it or not, but the skull belt pictured above is actually from some pair of jeans I had when I was ten! I've always had a bit of darkness in me, I guess. You've probably seen all these accessories before (I'm not gonna lie and pretend to have a lot of them 'cause I don't) but I guess it doesn't matter how often you post the same accessories as long as they're pretty, right?

I'm going to write a separate paragraph about the 8 on my left hand. You see, that isn't exactly an 8 but the sign of infinity, which holds a deep meaning for me. I guess I like being reminded that in a way, everything is infinite - any difficulties in my life have arosen before me and been resolved - that in essence life is a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. I draw that sign on my hand almost every day in regular pen, but I really want to get a tattoo of it one day. However, I think that would be more appropriate on the side of my ring finger when/if I get married as a more permanent sign than a regular wedding band. Besides, tattoos are a cooler way of manifesting admiration for somebody.

I fell in absolute love with this shirt, though, particularly the sleeve. It's made of a transparent black mesh that blows back and forth in the breeze. I pinned the two parts of it together with safety pins to give it a rougher edge. I guess I've always been a sucker for asymmetrical things - different earrings, hair on one side, etc. I also decided to jazz up my boring black fishnets with a boring H&M bow hairclip - and, like two minuses make a plus, these two utterly unoriginal items made something beautiful together. And that, my friends, is how order turns to chaos. But chaos is what I love.

Another odd little detail is my 'headband' - it's made out of one of those chains all the cool kids used to wear on their jeans in the 2000s. This look also spurred me to go absolutely wild with my eye makeup - I drew long black lines and slathered my lids in silvery eyeshadow. When that didn't seem like enough, I added in a tiny cross near the outer corner of my eye, which was a nice little gothic touch. Needless to say, my neighbors were absolutely smitten.

Exams are coming up, but somehow I can only think of black, torn tights and 80s teen stars. I recently watched all three parts of 'Back to the Future' and I'm dying to make a 2015 look (poor eighties Spielberg had no clue we wouldn't have hoverboards, eh?) but I don't think I possess many goofy futuristic pieces of clothing, a problem that needs remedying.

Alice in Chains (hehe, lame musical joke)


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